Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gluten-Free Pizza

I love pizza! Fortunately I have found some good sources for GF crusts. My favorite crust comes from a wonderful GF bakery in St. Paul, Cooqi! You can check out the website at I also like the GF crust from Whole Foods. Personally, I find pizza to be all about the toppings! Good sauce, good cheese and what ever else you like. This particular pizza has pesto instead of traditional tomato sauce! I roasted red and yellow pepper, caramelized some onions and slow roasted fresh plum tomatoes and then topped the pizza with good grated mozzarella cheese. It is labor intensive, making the pesto, roasting everything and grating the cheese but well worth all the effort. If your not inclined to do this yourself and you live in St. Paul, MN try Pizza Luce! They have an extensive gluten-free menu featuring pizza on Cooqi crust every Tuesday and Wednesday. You can also get gluten-free wings!


Kristina said...

This was great. I tried it and it tasted like the real thing!!!

Katrina said...

The pizza IS all about the toppings! Pineapple all the way!