Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gluten- Free Girl's Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have a popular breakfast treat and lunch spot in St. Paul, on Grand Ave. Bread and Chocolate serves a variety of glutenous treats from muffins to enormous cookies, bars and croissants. Tina and I spend our summers walking and Bread and Chocolate is a spot we frequently visit while out walking. Although I can't have anything, I enjoy  seeing the baked goods. I have tried to make a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, with varying results. When Shauna at posted a recipe for a gluten free cookie I had to go at it again. When I served them for desert during a dinner party my guests actually thought I had spent a fortune filling the cookie jar with cookies from Bread and Chocolate. As they carried on about my investment their jaws dropped with I helped myself to a cookie and confessed that they were gluten-free. These cookies are a winner!


Dr.Rutledge said...
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Kim said...

Yum, I tried Shauna's chocolate chip cookies too - are they the 36-Hour Chocolate Chip? That is a great recipe; I had to make a bunch of changes to fit my additional restrictions, but was totally happy with the result! Anyway, just had to drop a note. I just stumbled across your blog; I live in Minneapolis. Given that we both live in the Cities, don't eat gluten, and both love Shauna's cookie recipe, I had to say hello! I keep a blog too; check it out if you want, you might like it - my adaptation of Shauna's recipe is on there too. Best!
Kim >>>