Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ready for the girls!

Paula and I set up the bee yard last night for three new packages of bees arriving Monday. We faced pouring rain and some wind. You can see how dry the land is, nothing blooming yet. This is the earliest we have ever packaged bees before by about two full weeks. Ordinarily I would be worried but we have frames with honey to put right in the brood nest and all of our frames are completely combed out. The girls will have plenty to work with for the first two weeks without ever leaving if this god awful weather continues. Tonight I am going to mix us some syrup, just for good measure but the bees will surely take the honey before they need to resort to the syrup. I pulled some pollen patties out of the freezer and we have everything else set to go for our Monday arrivals.

We did have one disappointment during our bee year visit last night. Our favorite Indian haunt is closed. We have a tradition of having a few Indian dinners after our bee yard visits throughout the summer. Lucky for us that in Northfield there is another Indian spot so we can just relocate.

Keep your fingers crossed for some nice spring weather on Monday. I know that is asking a lot these days but we sure could use a 50 degree day without wind and a little sunshine. Just for an hour, please!

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