Thursday, March 7, 2013

Patrick's Pollinators

Meet the newest member of The Flight of The Turquoise Apairy! After four years we are retiring Crazy Comb who always lived up to her name. In the spirit of better karma and less crazy comb we hope the girls in Patrick's Pollinator live up to their name as well and pollinate the dickens out of our land owner's apricot trees, apple trees and expansive vegetable garden.

My friend Patrick is an adventuresome spirit full of compassion. Hopefully his spirit of adventure and love will rub off on these girls. Like myself Patrick is a Tibetan activist. The guy loves honey and is always encouraging the efforts behind The Flight of The Turquoise Bee Apiary. Most importantly though I am hoping Patrick's Buddhist influence will infiltrate this colony and give the girls a mild tempered spirit.

As always, hive  namesakes will hopefully enjoy a bountiful harvest come September.

1 comment:

patrick mahoney said...

Wow, is that a fun honor....and on the heels of "crazy comb?" who could ask for anything more? Funny aside? The whole pollinator thing is I have always been an active 'pollinator' ;-)

Thank you so much for this honor, Cari.... I hope the hive, and I, live up to it! :-) "Ommmmmmm" (am sending good karma your way ;-)