Monday, December 17, 2012

LAF: Weight Check down 8+

See all that medical equipment. It might easily be what I walk into at work on any given day. I know exactly what to do with it and within a short time I will have hooked up all of it to a single patient or two. It is complicated, sophisticated and serious business.  I can't get it wrong!

And this, this is the face of a treadmill and for the life of me I can not determine exactly what I am looking at. To make matters worse I can hardly start the treadmill without a great deal of effort. I am a firm believer that if equipment is spitting out data then it must mean something. But this, this little track with all its colorful blinking lights, for the life of me I can't figure out what it is telling me or what its value is. Go figure.

It only starts here, my trouble with equipment in the gym. But I am going to save the rest of my equipment woes for another day. Today I only have a minute to report in and then I am leaving for some sunshine.

Lucky for me I am a stick with it kind a gal and even if it takes me 10 minutes to get the treadmill moving I hang in there. Today marked the beginning of my fourth week of working out at LAF. Now if I were to say I love it, or even like it, that wouldn't be telling the truth. I am tolerating it. I do love the swimming, but then I am really really good at that. I do feel better and I have dropped 8.65 pounds. When my trainer asked me what my goals were I said "weight loss".  "Great, anything else?" "Yes, weight loss and more weight loss." I tend to focus on single issues. Maybe once I loose some weight I can consider some other benefits of this rigorous plan of mine.

I was so hoping to be down by 10 pounds at this point. You see I have some really lovely bathing suits I'd like to fit into starting tomorrow. While packing today I was grateful that at least one in my collection of four fits. I am just going to be grateful for that and keep my chin up. I  have 10 days of personal training with my wife to look forward to which is more than most girls get in a life time.


GFGidget said...

You are averaging a little more than 2 pounds a week! That's awesome!!!!!

Anonymous said...

keep it up babe. looking forward to being your "trainer" this week. :)