Monday, September 3, 2012

It's a Honey Harvesting Party! Don't Miss The Fun!

I have been planning this party for no less than three years. It is almost like checking an item off the bucket list! We have never really harvested enough honey to showcase our little hobby. Finally, after three years we HAVE HONEY! Oh we have gotten honey in the past, just not enough to host a party showing off our packed and capped frames, demonstrating how the extractor works and offering little bottles of honey to anyone who comes.

I didn't really know this year would be different but I was hopeful. After all, we managed five, count them, five hives. How could we not not get a bumper crop. For years I have been telling Paula about my friend and beekeeping mentor Patty who got 20 gallons of honey one year. Neither of us could really wrap our minds around that until we started pulling frames in early August. Five full boxes, one a brood box, 50 frames in all. Then we knew, we had a bumper crop and the party was on. There wasn't much planning to do after all  I have planned this party in my head for three years. Now it was just a matter of executing the plan.

First up, get the honey blessed! Another bucket list item. I spent days getting the honey room ready, ordered an electric uncapping knife to make the job easier, collected five gallon buckets to store the honey, ordered little jars and labels for the honey . . . endless activity. I roasted two 12 pound turkeys to make pulled turkey sandwiches, made a few gallons of Chipotle corn, black bean and tomato salad, a double batch of sun dried tomato dip, and bars, bars, bars. The food will be good. The company will be fab and the honey will be front and center.

I am sure a sticky mess is about to ensue. Tashi Losar and Ziva Jane are not invited. I don't need little cat paws full of honey running amok but they sure helped with the preparations, stalking the turkey and trying to get into the brownies and making sure the tables are to their satisfaction!

If you can't join us at least you can enjoy the little video Tina made for me showcasing our beekeeping.

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