Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meet Sweetpea's Bees at The Flight of The Turquoise Bee Apiary

Sweetpea's Gluten-free kitchen is evolving. I have enjoyed my musing here about cooking for the past several years but my attention has turn to the bees. I took up the adventure of Beekeeping three years ago. I keep bees for the magic of utterly unexpected moments filled with challenge and hope; disappointment and glittering joy. I keep bees for the hope that will temper my hyperactive spirit and lead me to a more deliberate, mindful and contemplative life.

I actually didn't imagine I would like it so much, I didn't imagine it would capture my interest like it has. I am thrilled too that I have a wonderful beekeeping partner in this endeavor. I couldn't have asked for more when Paula signed on. We are a perfect pair of beekeepers and the journey is only embellished by our partnership. 

So moving forward I hope to chronicle my musings in the bee yard and impart what little knowledge I actually have about the serious plight of the honey bee! Come along and read and learn and hope for some honey. I imagine every now and again I will still muse about my kitchen but for the most part it will be the bees.

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