Monday, December 14, 2009

Genius Gadget

We all love our kitchen aide mixer. How could we live without this must have kitchen appliance. But admit it, you do have a pet peeve about this essential and expensive device. The paddle attachment simply doesn't cut it, leaving tuns of unmixed batter along the edges of the bowl. You constantly have to stop the mixing and take a spatula to the rim, incorporating the unmixed batter. A real pet peeve, a nuisance to say the least.

Well I got an early stocking stuffer last night during our annual "Home Alone" movie night, Tina's favorite holiday tradition. We eat really fun gunk food like artichoke dip and peanut M and M's and watch this (awful) holiday movie (I hate slapstick humor). My niece Katie joins us, the only one with any sensibility. She arrived with three bags of fresh cherries. Although she ate her fair share of the dip and the M and M's. I guess the cherries were for me.

Anyway, I am getting off track, the genius gadget. Tina was giddy about a particular item in my stocking. After some convincing that I should have an early present I opened the small package from Cooks of Crocus Hill, , my mother ship.

A new attachment for the kitchen aide mixer, a brilliant attachment in fact. It is a paddle attachment with spatula like edges that actually reaches the rim of the bowl preventing unmixed batter from mounting. It swipes the bowl clean with each whirl. No more pausing every few moments to wipe down the sides yourself. I love this gadget. I put it to the test this morning with some very tacky and hard to manage gingerbread batter. Not a speck of unmixed batter on the rim of my bowl. It was slick like a magic trick. I am headed to Cooks this morning to get several more for stocking stuffers for my baking pals.

The gingerbread, well it is one of Tina's favorite holiday treats so perhaps there was a secondary gain for her in my opening a present early. She will come home to her favorite treat covered in cool whip tonight!


Kathy said...

That looks like a very helpful little
item. Do you know where it is listed
on the website address you gave? I
haven't been able to locate it.

sweetpea said...

Hi Kathy! I am sure the blade is not listed on Cooks website. It is a small store in St. Paul, MN and they only feature some of their higher end equipment and knives. Anyway, I looked on the blade and it had a website printed on the blade . They don't sell them but list a number of stores, including online sources that do sell them including amazon. They are about $25 so maybe slightly more expensive than your average stocking stuffer. Hope that helps!

GF Gidget said...

What?!!!! Could you anonymously send that link to my husband? Tell him a reader of my blog thinks I could REALLY use it for Christmas!

kathy said...

Thanks so much, Sweetpea! I will
find it on Amazon. It is just what I need!

Anonymous said...
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