Monday, February 9, 2009

Highlights from Budapest

St. István's Bascilica

More market photos

My favorite Budapest site, the Great Synagogue!

My favorite gluten free desert, chestnut puree, although it usually had more whipped cream than chestnut.

Pastry at the famous Gerbeaud  pátisserie at Mihály Vörösmarty Square. I came here twice a day for coffee.

Cliff and Tina at another great dinner spot

The famous Budapest Opera House

Inside a typical Hungarian restaurant. This was spot we went to on our last evening with Cliff and enjoyed Gypsy music.

The castle by night

One of my favorite lunch haunts where I enjoyed great Gulyás stew two days in a row.

Tina and her colleague Cliff, who was the most wonderful and gracious host admire the statue "Anonymous", an unknown man. Students flock to the statue to rub the pencil prior to an exam for good luck.

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